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Serious Double Acts

3 mei , 2013

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The premise of this exhibition rests upon the assumption that ‘fun’ and ‘having fun together’ is an important part of the creative, and by extension, curating process. The contradiction contained within the title of this show hints at the oxymoronic relationship between a playful and spontaneous methodology, embracing chance encounters and random associations, and a desire to achieve deep and meaningful results. In the same way that one might browse the shelves of a bookshop in search of a certain title but ultimately settle upon a completely different one, Jonathan Lewis and Andreas Schmidt embarked upon the curation of this show with a plan in mind but they carried it lightly, remaining consciously open to change. Their intention was to pair up specific books by each of the 16 members of the ABC Artists’ Books Cooperative, to which they belong, with books found on the premises of Marcus Campbell Art Books, but the distractions of the environment in which they ‘performed’ this selection led to many fruitful substitutions…

43 Holland Street, London SE1 9JR

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6 mei , 2012

*Who the f*ck is Carla* is my second book in the new series called ‘Photo Pocket’. In this book I worked with found photo footage on Internet of the German chancellor Angela Merkel and the President of France, Nicolas Sarkozy.

Merkel and Sarkozy, both leader of the strongest European countries are presenting the political theatre in a unique way. The photo documentations of official events, conferences and meetings are used to present a strong leadership. Unity is the message.  The photographers position is not more than a storyteller of a history which is not written by him as an independent observer, but written by those who want to keep the public satisfied. By telling a love story, the main characters Merkel and Sarkozy become less important than their habits. Gestures, surroundings and always the same message make them replaceable and can be transferred into nearly every political relationship. The picture is not more than a good organised document of political rituals.

Who the F•ck is Carla

Softcover, 6×9 in, 154 pages
full colour digital print.

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28 april , 2012

Photo Pocket Series.
A new series of books in which I continue to experiment with the printing technology print on demand. This system has the ability to try out ideas in a book form. In the moment it is purchased the book wil be printed. No expensive production costs or a publisher that runs off with the concept, but freedom to work and play with images out of the Internet, from my archives or make a new series of photographs and create a self-publish book.
The first book in this new series: the Photo Pocket is ‘Tatort’.  From March 2010 until August 2011 I lived in Germany. Every week I have combined the title of an ‘Tatort’ episode together with a picture of my shadow. ‘Tatort ‘ is a long-running German crime television series  you can see it every sunday evening


Softcover, 6×9 in, 108 pages
full colour digital print.

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