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13 september , 2013

VIEWFINDER is a stop motion film made with screenshots of Google Street Image. The film lasts 12 minutes and consists of more than 1800 images of 196 steel construction bridges in the USA. VIEWFINDER is about the meeting of camera and bridge and how they and their movements, sometimes parallel, sometimes in opposition, frame the landscape which surrounds them.

The film has been selected for Incubate open film festival 2013
Information about the film program can be found here:

During Unseen Book market Amsterdam I present a DVD with a special edition of VIEWFINDER. With more images and bridges in a endless loop. You find me at the table of ABC. Information:

film: Wil van Iersel, 2013
music: Pere Ubu
image: Google StreetView.

Tehching Hsieh

8 augustus , 2013
One Year Performance


For one year, from April 11, 1980 through April 11, 1981, Hsieh punched a time clock every hour on the hour. Each time he punched the clock, he took a single picture of himself, which then put in sequence, yielded a six-minute movie. He shaved his head before the piece, so his growing hair reflects the passage of time.


24 juli , 2013

Working hard on a flip book and photo animation about bridges on Google Street View  that I hope to present in september.


Richard Serra’s Railroad Turnbridge (1976)

16 april , 2013

Schermafbeelding 2013-04-16 om 15.04.04

Working on a new project about bridges. I remember this film by Richard Serra.

“…Railroad Turnbridge is about the meeting of machine and machine [camera and bridge] and how they and their movements, sometimes parallel, sometimes in opposition, frame the landscape which surrounds them. A shot of the landscape seen through the rectangles of the bridge’s opening, the bridge [becomes], in movement, a giant extension of the camera viewfinder…” Amy Taubin, Soho News

(1976, 19 mins, Silent, B&W, 16mm)

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10 januari , 2012


30 december , 2009


28 oktober , 2009

Schaufenster 01

16 mei , 2009

Warmoesstraat 139.

Lux Aeterna

8 december , 2008

Ein Fotoanimation aus HAMBURG REQUIEM mit Mitglieder der Kammerchor Altona und der Harburger Kantorei.

Nächste Vorstellung am 18.12/19.12. 2008. 20:00 K6 Kampnagel.

Hamburg Requiem, Es Gibt Kein Firmament Mehr.

19 september , 2008

Future Music Picture Show van Kommando Himmelfahrt. Muziek van Jan Dvorak, regie door Thomas Fiedler en foto projectie van Wil van Iersel.

Premiere 24 oktober 2008, 20.00 uur, Kampnagel K6 Hamburg.

Verdere voorstellingen: 25 & 26oktober, 18 & 19 december 2008, 20.00 Uur,

Informatie en tickets: Kampnagel Hamburg.