All the Pictures of Today

In July 2020 I made daily work around the theme All the Pictures of Today. View a selection of pages from different books here:

‘Every Day a New Photo Book’ is a project over a period of 12 years it’s a photographic research into time and society. From September 2010 until August 2021 I will take every year another month to make every day a book. Every month  has a theme what  then is research on a daily basis. On the project page you can browse through all the books that have been made so far.

July 2020 I made the eleventh month of this project with the theme All the Pictures of Today. Every day there is a flood of images coming our way through different channels. I tried to reuse these images and daily looked at how I could collect photos and organize, manipuleren or edit them for a new book.

Edition of 10 boxes 

Signed and numbered. 

Full colour digital printed.

18×18 cm with minimal 20 and maximal 40 pages,

Soft cover.

Buy a the box with books of July 2020