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December 2013

30 november , 2013

FOOD is my main theme during the month of December 2013.  I work daily on a new topic about our food. And make a book out of it that you find the next morning on this site.

December 2013 is the fourth month in Every Day a New Photobook. From September 2010 until August 2022 I will take every year another month to make every day a new book. Develop a daily topic means to me that I am in a ‘flow’ of ideas and energy. In addition, I work in a clear rhythm of research with a clear limitation of time.

On the website of  Every Day a New Photobook you can see the new book off the day and you’ll get the possibility to order it. They’re full colour digital printed by, 18×18 cm with minimal 20 and maximal 40 pages and  with a soft cover. Either you can order your favourite book on Blurb’s website directly or if you want me to control and sign the books you can order a set of  books in a box for 650 Euros , ex shipping.

For additional information please contact me at
wiersel @

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