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28 april , 2012

Photo Pocket Series.
A new series of books in which I continue to experiment with the printing technology print on demand. This system has the ability to try out ideas in a book form. In the moment it is purchased the book wil be printed. No expensive production costs or a publisher that runs off with the concept, but freedom to work and play with images out of the Internet, from my archives or make a new series of photographs and create a self-publish book.
The first book in this new series: the Photo Pocket is ‘Tatort’.¬† From March 2010 until August 2011 I lived in Germany. Every week I have combined the title of an ‘Tatort’ episode together with a picture of my shadow. ‘Tatort ‘ is a long-running German crime television series¬† you can see it every sunday evening


Softcover, 6×9 in, 108 pages
full colour digital print.

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