28 januari , 2019

bommetje coverbommetje binnenwerk

I made a new flipbook: ‘Bommetje/Jump’ with my son. It’s the second publication wit Adriaan in the main rol, he jumps now in the water of a Amsterdam canal.

In the eighties I saw an exhibition by Daan van Golden with pictures of his daughter. As a photography student I was very impressed by these private photographs and the courage that van Golden had to exhibit this work in a museum. It opened my eyes to see what was possible with photography.

You can see the book at Printroom in Rotterdam where its part of their flipbook collection and is presented in the context of IFFR.

Purchase a copy mail me:

22 euros ex shipping.



7 december , 2018

I started a magazine where in I try out different concepts of walking. The first copy is called Go and I made it with my son Adriaan. We walked together through the city looking for Pokémon and Photos. The rhythm of the “Pokémon battles’ gave me the ability to look in a different way to the city.

The magazine appears irregularly but at least once a year in an edition of 250. The size is 22×28 cm and has 52 pages, color printed and costs per number 20 euros incl vat. If you want an subscription mail me for more information:




30 november , 2018


De voetbalvereniging AVV-SDZ heeft in het Kader van Betrokken Sportverenigen het initiatief genomen om statushouders werkervaring op te laten doen in de keuken en op het veld.

Als welkom geschenk heb ik twee point-it of woordenboekjes gemaakt een voor in de keuken en een voor de cursus assistent-trainer. Het project is mogelijk gemaakt door Kennedy Van der Laan, Oranje Fonds, Gemeente Amsterdam, Stichting Life Coals en AVV-SDZ,

Het boekje ‘Taal op het voetbalveld’ kun je bekijken en downloaden via deze link:


9 november , 2018

A new joint  ABCOOP project:

An educational guide by ABC artists with contributions by Eric Doeringer, Oliver Griffin, Mishka Henner, Dawn Kim, Tanja Lažetić, Jonathan Lewis, John Maclean, Louis Porter, Wil van Iersel, Duncan Wooldridge, and Rahel Zoller.

Purchase directly from



AaBbCc (2018)  8.5×11 inches ( 21.6 x 27.9cm)  

Softcover artists’ book, 320 b&w pages


#WKB18: The Artist Book Week

31 oktober , 2018


Three months from Every Day a New Photo Book exhibited in the Noorderlicht House of Photography during the Week of the Artist’s Book, Groningen.
Wednesday – Sunday 12 – 6 p.m. (13 October – 4 November)
Group show with:  Elisabeth Tonnard, Jan van der Til, Anouk Kruithof, Carina Hesper and Jan Dirk van der Burg. Curator: Wim Melis

Information; Noorderlicht


9 oktober , 2018

From October 13 to 20 the ‘Week of the Artist Book’ will take place in Groningen. It is organized by Stichting ARTisBOOK. During the week 25 galeries, museums, bookshops and cultural institutes will celebrate the artist book and its development from the 1960s to now through exhibitions and workshops.

Exhibition at Noorderlicht

As part of this week Every Day a New Book will be exhibited at Noorderlicht.  Also in this show work by Elisabeth Tonnard Jan van der Til, Anouk Kruithof, Carina Hesper en Jan Dirk van der Burg. This show will continue beyond the week, until November 4.

Location: Noorderlicht, Akerkhof 12, Groningen. Hours: Wednesdays-Sundays from 12.00 to 18.00. Admission is €4,- (€2,- for students).


The Jam – That’s Entertainment

25 mei , 2018

‘That’s Entertainment’ is the theme of the month of May in my book project Every Day a New Book, 2018. The theme is inspired by a 1980 song by British punk band The Jam. When photographing and making the books I have the music in my head. The books that I have made so far can be found on my website:


One Minute

16 februari , 2018

My short film 15febr2018 can be seen if you click on the link

Schermafbeelding 2018-02-16 om 12.44.04

Beurs van Bijzondere Uitgevers

4 december , 2017


Sunday December 10, 2017 I’m at the Beurs van Bijzondere Uitgevers, a fair for literature and artists’ books that takes place yearly at Paradiso in Amsterdam.

Paradiso, Weteringschans 6-8, Amsterdam Hours: 10 December 2017 13.00 – 17.00 Admission is €3,-. More information: weblink


25 mei , 2017

April 2017 is a new month in my project Every Day A New Book. I made thirty new books with the theme ‘PERIPHERAL VISION’ this means the edge of your field of vision where you don’t see sharp. I have taken it as a starting point to look at my surroundings and photograph what escapes to the attention.

In the book of day 01 I visualize peripheral vision and in book 21 I stand in the verge of a highway. I also have looked in my archive at photos that have escaped to my attention such as from a Hindu Temple Festival in the German city Hamm in book April 16 or the back side of Las Vegas in book 8. Also I tried out ideas with text and image in April 25 or I worked with old post cards in the books of 29 and 30 April.

The books are available separately through my bookshop at blurb and as a set in a nice black cassette, for more information on this box you can contact me.
Next year It goes on with the month May with a new theme.